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Burnaby Leisure Activity WebReg Redesign for Mobile Device

Project Overview
Burnaby Leisure Activity WebReg website allows people to plan, track and manage the City of Burnaby’s recreation related requests in one place. With the WebReg, people can register for the city of Burnaby’s leisure programs, purchase or renew memberships, print receipts, check current registrations and view account history.

The main goal of this redesign project was to create a better user experience for mobile users by creating an effective mobile web interface, which is not only easy-to-use, but provides a satisfactory and meaningful usage for users. Creating a mobile site would benefit over 60% their target audience by providing a positive user experience for mobile device users.

The Challenge

1. The website is not mobile device friendly.
It is not easy to browse the programs/courses, or register courses online on mobile devices. Constant zoom-in and zoom-out action make it difficult for users to browse to different sections. The course search and the course listings’ content should be designed to fit into the size of mobile devices for easy viewing.

2. Advanced search section is not noticeable enough and more search options should be added.
Advanced search section is not easy to notice as it is placed at the bottom of the course category section on the page. More filter options should be added to provide more efficient and flexible ways to narrow down the courses. Complex/Community center dropdown filter setting at the top of the page should be integrated in the advanced search filter section instead of having its own section for consistency.

3. No ‘Create an Account’ link for new users.
There is no ‘Sign up’ or ‘Create an Account’ link for the first time users. The login link assumes that the first time users know their client number and family pin to login. This confuses the first time users and it leads to frustration when there is no information given on how to sign up. This is against user control and freedom usability heuristic.

The Solution
The mobile version wireframes were developed based on the user feedback from the interviews as well as the survey I conducted on the current Burnaby Leisure Activity WebReg system. All problems identified in the research process were addressed in the wireframe.

Key points addressed in the new design prototype
- Created mobile version of the website
- Program search category was restructured to better meet user’s needs
- More course filter options were added
- Made ‘Search’ section prominent enough for users to notice
- Added ‘Create an Account’ link for the first time users
- Clear indication on the detailed waiting list

Tools used
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lucidchart, Adobe Indesign

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