Insook Kim
Senior UX/UI Designer (Interaction Design Specialty)
Senior Web Architect, Web Analyst
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I create a user centered design for website users that is intuitive by taking into account users’ needs as well as business goals.
I enjoy producing an interface that is easy and simple to use with my diverse web specialist skills.”

Areas of Expertise

  • UX/UI Design/Development: User Experience Design, Research, Analysis, Wireframe, Prototype
  • Web Design/Development: Website Project Management, IA Design, Website implementation, CMS
  • Interaction Design: Interactive Prototype, Video Prototype

Areas of Interest

  • Art, Fashion/Interior Design, Fitness (Yoga, Zumba, Group Exercise), Puzzles, Travelling

Personality Traits

  • Creative, Problem Solver, Analytical, Perseverance, Quick Learner, Self-Motivated
    Responsible, Achiever, Committed, Attentive, Thoughtful, Independent, Hard worker

Work Experience

Apr. 2020 to Present

Senior Business Analyst (Functional Analyst)
City of Burnaby
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Apr. 2018 to Mar. 2020

Business Analyst (Web Analyst)
City of Burnaby
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Jan. 2011 to Present

UX/UI Designer/Senior Web Architect
Freelance Contract
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Jul. 2008 to Mar. 2018

Web Administrator/Senior Web Architect
Justice Institute of BC
New Westminster, BC, Canada

Jan. 2007 to Jul. 2008

Web Interface Designer
Best Buy Canada Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nov. 2005 to Oct. 2006

Web/Graphic Designer
Top Producer Systems Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sep. 2004 to Sep. 2005

Web/Graphic Designer
Lynx Communications Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Apr. 2003 to Sep.2004

Web/Graphic Designer
International Vision Direct Corp.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Oct. 2002 to Present

Freelance UX/UI/Web/Graphic Designer
IS Media Design
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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