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Travel Destination Advisor Website

Project Overview
Travel Destination Advisor website provides great vacation ideas and inspiration to users based on their criteria such as type of vacation, destination, travel date.

The Challenge
This site needed to have heavy use of destination photography images to attract users to travel destinations. The various destination images had be placed throughout the pages in an organized format without distracting users.

Another challenge was to implement branding in this website's interface design.
Brand in the user interface design means a sort of image created via a set of distinguishing features and promoting awareness and recognisability of the product or service on the market.

The Solution
I implemented branding in this interface design project via the set of visual elements, such as logo, brand colors, typography.
Varous interactive web interface patterns were used throughout the site to implement the design
To showcase mutiple destination images on the homepage, Carousel design pattern is used in the main banner area with rotating images. On all other pages, breadcrumbs design pattern is used to let users know their location in the website’s hierarchical structure in order to possibly browse back to a higher level in the hierarchy.

Homepage: Carousel design pattern, Overlay design pattern
Search Result Page: Pagination pattern
Product Detail Page: Thumbnail design pattern
My Account Page: Hover Reveal design pattern
Help Center Page: Accordion design pattern

Tools used
Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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