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CookCloud Mobile App

Project Overview
Creating an ultimate digital cookbook mobile app called ‘CookCloud’, which allows you to upload any handwritten recipes or digital format recipes onto the app and make a customizable cookbook.

The Challenge
Needed to test the wireframes and mockups thoroughly with the users to design the flow of the CookCloud app and the main features of the app effectively, such as uploading handwritten paper recipes as well as digital files stored in the device. Another main core feature of the pantry section flow also needed to be tested to come up with a good userbility. So the test had to be conducted with the user being a member of the CookCloud app and trying to scan and upload their recipes online utilizing the app features. Using features such as adding/deleting items in inventory, users are to perform a task of ordering an item using credit card and then adding the new item to their inventory.

The Solution
A lot of time and resources were allocated during the research process. The research process included User Interviews, Survey, Personas, DITL, User Stories, User Flows, Customer Journey Map, Mind Map, Site Map. During the design process, various user testing method was performed via 5 iterations of Wireframes and Prototypes.

Tools used
Balsamiq, Invision, Gliffy, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

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