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Home Decor with Style

Project Overview
Home Decor with Styles website is a popular home accents and decoration online store for people who are interested in home decorations, interior designers and home staging professionals.

The Challenge
The website needed to be an one stop online store for all home décor enthusiasts and interior design professionals by creating an effective web interface, which is not only easy-to-use, but provides a satisfactory and meaningful shopping experience for users.

The Solution
With the thorough userbility testing and many iterations of design, major userbility issues were clearly defined and addressed in the final design.

The specific core aspects that I strived to achieve for a successful experience were the following.
  • Create an easy to use online store where people can preview the home decoration items without having to visit the store to view items.
  • Provide various options to search home decoration items, so that users can find a product easily with limited information.
  • Provide a great place to get inspiration on home decoration ideas.
  • Create interior design resource for people and experts by providing an ‘Inspiration Gallery’ and ‘Ask Designer’ section where people can get some advice from professional interior designers.

Tools used
Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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